Pam with her sons, 2009Tonight is my oldest son’s last night of Christmas break at home.  After worship tomorrow he will head back to college and another semester.  I really cherish these times.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Paul will be getting married in June.  He has found a wonderful young lady and his father and I couldn’t be more pleased with his choice. (or rather hers)  I do, however, find myself from time to time contemplating what it will be like in a year at the Martin house.  Quieter no doubt and for sure less cluttered.  With those things also comes the fact that my little family has changed and I already feel God preparing me for those days.

I’m reminded of a little elderly lady who lived next door to Jeff and I when Paul was just a baby.  She had raised two sons as well, but they had longed moved away and she loved to watch Paul play in the yard.  She would often come to the fence when we were out, usually swinging Paul, and smile and chat for a while.  She would always say how she enjoyed seeing Paul play and warn us of how quickly he would grow up.  Of course then I didn’t realize how true her words were. 

So as I prepare myself I’m praying each day for the Lord to prepare me as only He can.  What a blessing our sons are to us, and as I’ve prayed for them their entire lives God has always been faithful to hear my prayers.  He has answered them more abundantly than I could ever imagine, so I have no reason to believe He will stop now.

Thank you Lord, for the blessings you provide in the form of our children.  May you use them both in mighty ways for Your Glory. 

Blessings, Pam