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This past Wednesday morning was the nationwide “See You at the Pole” at our high schools. What a morning! I just love seeing young people come out early to school to sing praise songs and then join hands in prayer. This year at our school it was bigger than ever before. My son and his friend and our pastor showed up with guitars and just stood and sang as the kids filed in along with staff of the school. How bold they are! I really don’t think when I was 16 I would have been able to do that. I am so pleased with the boldness and strength both of my boys have in the Lord. They are not ashamed to say they are Christians and don’t shove it in peoples faces, but live it out day to day demonstrating Jesus’ love as they go. Kids today are searching for something and I know what it is. Jesus. They are in broken homes, unhappy homes, and look to all the wrong things to fill the void that leaves. When parents aren’t there to guide their children, or when they don’t have the Lord in their homes they are building on sand. I have tried to go it alone and it is like going upstream without a paddle. When you set your priorities and make the Lord the first one, everything else falls into place. I have to ask, why would you want to do it alone if you can have the Lord taking care of everything? When you know your kids belong to the Lord, and seek to serve Him, things are so much easier. I realize there are many kids in Christian homes that still have struggles, and maybe don’t live in a Christian manner. No one ever said being a Christian takes all the worldly troubles out of our lives, but when we have the Saviour there to guide us through these struggles with our kids we know that in the end it will all be ok. Pray for your kids morning, noon, and night. It is a dangerous world out there and they need all the prayer they can get! The Lord is faithful and He will see them through these years.

Unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it. Psalm 127:1